According to Eastern philosophy of life, health, well-being and beauty is achievable if man is in harmony with himself and nature.

Our homely Echo Spa wellness section awaits its Guests with the following services in the spirit of distraction and recreation:

  • 1000 square feet, 28 degrees Celsius swimming pool,
  • 34 degrees Celsius Jacuzzi
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infra sauna
  • Steam
  • Himalayan salt chamber
  • Massage variations giving harmony relaxation
    They protect health and prevent diseases, so they are indispensable in our rushing lives. They decrease pain and tiredness, improve wellbeing and phrenic condition, improve stress tolerance, and due to its relaxation and muscle relaxant effect it is one of the most popular treatment methods.

Echo Spa is located in a separate building, far from other, possibly distracting external effects.

We provide robe and towel free of charge in-room upon arrival. Please use the changing rooms equipped with lockers.

In case of any extra needs, please turn to our colleagues who would provide help with pleasure.

Tel.: +36 30 855 1206


In our Wellness section, you can choose from 7 different aroma oils for your indulgence, moisturizing, analgesic, vitalizing, energetic or relaxing treatments. Some words about the beneficial effects of massage oils. Aromatherapy Massages: Massage combines the classical Swedish massage and the charity of aroma oils. Each oil has a variety of beneficial physiological effects on the body and soul.

1. Blood circulation stimulating Massage: peppermint - rosemary oil massage. Peppermint relaxes the tense muscles, relieves muscle pain, dissolves muscle cramps. Rosemary oil stimulates blood circulation and relieves joint pain.
2. Relaxing Massage: lavender oil has a soothing effect both on body and soul. It helps you get rid of stress during the day.
3. Moisturizing Massage: grape seed oil helps to maintain the moisture of the skin, ensures elasticity and firmness, regenerates collagen tissues. Pamper and nourish the skin at once.
4. Mood-Lifting Massage: lemongrass oil is rejuvenating, refreshing, invigorating and yet soothing.
5. Detoxifying Massage: the orange-cinnamon massage oil improves blood supply to the body surface. Toxins are more efficiently removed from the body
6. Skin Nourishing Massage: Aloe Vera massage oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. Also rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.
7. Sweet pampering Massage: chocolate oil massage. Enjoy the fragrant refreshing effect of chocolate. The massage with aromatic chocolate oil releases endorphins, which increases the feeling of happiness.

25 Min - 7.900 Ft
50 Min - 13.900 Ft
75 Min - 17.900 Ft

Deep tissue Massage: this is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.
25 Min - 8.500 Ft
40 Min - 13.500 Ft

Relaxing face-to-head massage: relaxing and refreshing the facial muscles during treatment, stimulating the scalps muscles and nerve endings leaving the massage
30 Min - 6.900 Ft

Refreshing sole Massage: during the massage, the muscles in the entire area of the sole are loosened. This way we can reduce or prevent foot pain, spasmodic, heavy foot feel.
25 Min - 7.500 Ft

Echo Freshness (25 min body massage + 15 min sole massage)
Now you can tailor the massage session. Refreshing body massage for 25 minutes is devoted to the problem area you want. In the second 15 minutes of the treatment we will complete the refreshment with the intensive refinement of the feet.
40 Min - 11.900 Ft

Echo Harmony (25 min relaxing body massage + 15 min head massage)
Now you can tailor the massage session. Relaxing body massage for 25 minutes is devoted to the problem area you want. In the second 15 minutes of treatment, lets relax the hairy scalp with gentle gestures.
40 Min - 11.900 Ft

Deep moisturizing body treatment with almond oil, coconut fat: by combining almond oil and coconut oil, a mixture that regenerates with almond oil and strengthens the skins protective layer by increasing the deeper layers of water, thus providing a great moisturizing effect deeply absorbed. Coconut fat is perfect for almond oil. It provides a skin-softening, nourishing, and skin-full-fatty acid.
60 Min - 14.900 Ft

1. Orange water treatment with white-clay wrapping:
the orange blossom water is extracted with water vapor distillation of the white fragrant flowers of the bitter shrub. Extremely soothes the skin and has a great effect on the mood, soothing harmonizing hydrolate. The orange-tinted facial massage has a sedative soothing effect on the white clay bag. The white clay of orange powder helps the face to silky, softness, youthful appearance. Treatment is recommended for dry, used facial skin.
45 Min – 10.900 Ft

2. Damascus rose-colored face treatment with white-clay wrapping: rose water from Damascus rose petals obtained by steam distillation of roses. Damascus rose-colored face treatment with white-clay wrapping: rose water from Damascus rose petals obtained by steam distillation of roses. The geriatric is especially effective for sensitive, applied facial tissues.
45 Min – 10.900 Ft